John Bel Edwards Has Ties To Alabama And Other LSU Rivals With Plans To Sabotage The Tigers

Posted by | February 13, 2016 .

John Bel Edwards Alabama

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards recently announced that LSU athletics will be in jeopardy for the 2016 season.
“Student athletes across the state would be ineligible to play next semester,” Edwards said. “I don’t say this to scare you. But I am going to be honest with you.”

“If you are a student attending one of these universities, it means that you will receive a grade of incomplete, many students will not be able to graduate, and student-athletes across the state at those schools will be ineligible to play next semester,” “That means you can say farewell to college football next fall” Edwards said.

Sources say that Edwards has strong ties with the University of Alabama and other LSU rivals and that this is only a scare tactic for him to sabotage the future of LSU athletics.

With Edwards announcing that there is even a remote chance of the athletic program at LSU being cancelled for the 2016 season, he puts the entire program in jeopardy due to the number of recruits that will NOT commit to the school in fear of something like that happening. That would devastate the program for years to come. I know that seems far fetched, but think about it. We all know it is nearly impossible to cancel LSU sports this season so it leaves only one reason why this was even brought out publicly. I personally feel it was done with the intention to persuade top recruits to choose other schools besides LSU…. Call me a conspiracy theorist but, I’m also a “realist”.

“Geaux Tigers”